10 Seconds Dungeon – Liga Game Jam 3

10 Seconds Dungeon Liga Game Jam page


Original version

Updated version 1.6.1


This game was made during Liga Game Jam 3, a Game Jam where you have 48h hours to make a game. From September 7th to September 9th, 2017.

I made this game all by myself from scratch, including the music, the sound effects, the pixel art, the animations and of course the code. It’s an shooter where every 10 seconds a new enemie’s wave spawns and you have to survive.

Game Jam’s report + interview (PT-BR)


You must survive!

Every 10 seconds a new wave will spawn and you have to deal with it!

Careful manage your bullets or you will run out of ammo.


Every time you shoot, you lose bullets.

-Bullets drops from enemies

-Bullets appears every new wave


Enemies drops

-Milk, that regenerate your health by 2.

-Bullets, 50 for AK-47 or 30 for shotgun

-Weapon: Shotgun


Game Art

The art of the game was made entirely pixel art using Aseprite.



 Christmas version


 Tear drop





Flaming Skull





Power Ups





Play it now!

Space Power Defender – LDJAM 39

Space Power Defender Ludum Dare page



This game was made during Ludum Dare 39, a Game Jam where you have 72h hours to make a game. From Friday July 28th to Monday July 31th, 2017.

I made this game all by myself from scratch, including the music, the sound effects, the pixel art, the animations and of course the code. It’s a space shooter where your power is exposed and you have to protect it from the enemy waves.


At the center of the screen are your powers, that represent how many bullets you are shooting, starting with 4, every time you lose a power you lose 1 bullet per shot until zero and collapsing your spaceship.

-Every 3 waves you recover powers and have 4 bullets per shot again.
-Every 5 seconds you recover 1 hitpoint until maxium of 10.
-Every time you kill a enemy you have 25% chance of them dropping a power dust, that recover the power hit point by 1 with the respective color.


The game music was made using LMMS and the sound effects are all mouth’ sounds recorded with zenfone 3.

Game Theme

Player shot

Enemy shot

Power dust pick up


Game Art

The art of the game was made entirely pixel art using Aseprite.





Old sprites

(i first made the game with these sprites, but i did not like the result, so i changed the art.)


Old sprites videos

Play it now!

Original LDJAM version

Post LDJAM version

War Mech Defense – AR


War Mech Defense, was the first defense game that i created. I’m proudly happy with the effort that i put on this game.
The idea of the published game was to create a game that could be used as a means of reflecting my skills with augmented reality and games as one.

About the game

The game consists in defend your turret from the waves of droid that comes to destroy it. You should use your phone’s camera to aim at the droids and the turret shot at them.

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There are several upgrades to the turret itself: bullet damage, shot speed and number of cannons. For each level of the upgrade there is a aditional cost for next upgrade at a maximum of 10 levels of damage and 5 of speed and cannons.

Power Ups

Every droid you destroy has a chance to drop a life tank, that adds +1 to your lives. Note that you must aim to them to acctually get them.

Besides turret’s bullets, there are another power, the shockwave. The shockwave is a energy blast that goes around the turret, it has a energy bar that is filled for each droid you destroy by shot. When the energy bar is full, you can unleash the shockwave and destroy every droid around the turret, it can be used as a last resource for dangerous situations.

New versions

At december the christmas version was released with new 3d models for the date.

Gameplay video

AES Brasil – City

city print3


This project was awesome! Imagine, a social game, where you should ride a real bike, your login is made with facial recognition, you have achievements and a internal rank among all users that is showed at the company’s reception.

That is the game! The game itself was made by Ideas.Farm, the company that i am employee, to AES Brasil  and is present at the rooftop at the Cubo building. So, the programming, animations, hud, logic, collisions, detections, sensors, traffic was made by me, everything about the game that was not related to 3D models, and UI design.

About the game

At first you go to the rooftop of the building where you can find a bike and a computer with the game. The PC is a All-in-One, so you can touch the screen, it has a integrated webcam. The screen is idle with Full Face software for facial recognition, where you may log in with the tracking of your face, the only thing is, you must have a registration with them, otherwise you cannot be recognited, else you may log in with your e-mail.

When you logs in, a tutorial is shown with the instructions about the game, and a guided is shown after, explaining the game interface.

After that you can start pedalling and your energy gauge starts growing up. Every cycle, you gain 8 in population and a new house. At the beginning you have a land that only farmers moves in, so you can have a region full of farms and things related to that. As you progress the game and reach level 3 you finally upgrades to city pattern and city type buildings starts to show up.

Game mechanics

The game as i said before, is about pedalling to generate energy for your city and growing it as you produce more and more to maintain your city.

Every  time you get a new house, you have a chance to upgrade an existed one instead of gaining a level 1 type. If you are at level 1 of your city, only level 1 houses will be builded in your land, but as you progress, every level has new buildings to adds to your city. So, we may say you are at level 3, and when you reach the goal for that level gauge, you gain a new house, if an existed one building is selected it will upgrades. If it is a level 1 building, it upgrades to level 2, if it is a level 2 it upgrades to level 3, as how far you are in the game.

new house

There are 2 types of energy bars, the lower one, that consists in the current energy you are generating from your pedalling, and the top one the is the storage. The storage is where you can keep your city energyzed when you are offline, every 10% of the storage is equivalent to 1 day that you can be offline without losing population. If you loses population, you have to fulfill your city needs and generate energy again to fills your storage and stop the city’s blackouts.

city print


As i may say, it is a competive game, so everyone needs achievements. That are 35 achievements the goes from how much population you have in your city, to how long you can keep pedalling continuously. To track the time based achievements, a stopwatch is at the positioned in the screens bottom left corner where you can see how insane you are. Besides the achievements badges, you have special buildings, like MASP, Cubo building, BANESPA, Stadium and so on.


The Game Process

Everything starts small, so this project was not a exception, you can see every video about the steps of the game programming and production at my Instagram account. The related ones to this projects are the following ones:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

Game release

Flying Alone

Flying Alone is a endless runner game that i released on July 01, 2017!

The main objective of the game is to keep yourself alive as much as you can.

You can drive the plane across the world, but be careful you may run out of fuel if you miss the rings.

It also seems that  someone doesn’t like you because them are sending missiles to destroy your aircraft.

The game has 5 main scenarios (forest, city, beach, desert and snow) that are procedurally generated and intersections between them to smooth the transitions. Also the rings spawns at random positions clamped by a range and so are the missiles, but the missiles may spawn from 0 to 2 at once.

In this project i worked alone creating pixel art UI, 3D models, game physics, programming, animations and particles.

Level creation

Terrain animation and physics

Enemys and checkpoints


Hello World!

So this is the beginning… At first i want to introduce myself, my name is Edwin Jones, i’m currently 27 years old, i have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a post graduation in game programming and production. I work with games since early 2013, and i really love to programming stuff. Many of my projects were not released to the public, because they were for events or for companies’s private app stores.
I developed apps and games with augmented reality and virtual reality for great companies like Bayer, Goodyear, Pfizer, Tramontina, Libbs, Novartis, Globosat, Hth, Amgen. Theses were jobs that did not came out for the public, they were for specific events, sales force and private app stores. But you can see some videos of these projects at my Instagram account.

With this blog, i want to show some of my projects with more detail than just showing a video or photo.

Let the games begin!