Flying Alone

Flying Alone is a endless runner game that i released on July 01, 2017!

The main objective of the game is to keep yourself alive as much as you can.

You can drive the plane across the world, but be careful you may run out of fuel if you miss the rings.

It also seems that  someone doesn’t like you because them are sending missiles to destroy your aircraft.

The game has 5 main scenarios (forest, city, beach, desert and snow) that are procedurally generated and intersections between them to smooth the transitions. Also the rings spawns at random positions clamped by a range and so are the missiles, but the missiles may spawn from 0 to 2 at once.

In this project i worked alone creating pixel art UI, 3D models, game physics, programming, animations and particles.

Level creation

Terrain animation and physics

Enemys and checkpoints


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