Hello World!

So this is the beginning… At first i want to introduce myself, my name is Edwin Jones, i’m currently 27 years old, i have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a post graduation in game programming and production. I work with games since early 2013, and i really love to programming stuff. Many of my projects were not released to the public, because they were for events or for companies’s private app stores.
I developed apps and games with augmented reality and virtual reality for great companies like Bayer, Goodyear, Pfizer, Tramontina, Libbs, Novartis, Globosat, Hth, Amgen. Theses were jobs that did not came out for the public, they were for specific events, sales force and private app stores. But you can see some videos of these projects at my Instagram account.

With this blog, i want to show some of my projects with more detail than just showing a video or photo.

Let the games begin!

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