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This game was made during Ludum Dare 39, a Game Jam where you have 72h hours to make a game. From Friday July 28th to Monday July 31th, 2017.

I made this game all by myself from scratch, including the music, the sound effects, the pixel art, the animations and of course the code. It’s a space shooter where your power is exposed and you have to protect it from the enemy waves.


At the center of the screen are your powers, that represent how many bullets you are shooting, starting with 4, every time you lose a power you lose 1 bullet per shot until zero and collapsing your spaceship.

-Every 3 waves you recover powers and have 4 bullets per shot again.
-Every 5 seconds you recover 1 hitpoint until maxium of 10.
-Every time you kill a enemy you have 25% chance of them dropping a power dust, that recover the power hit point by 1 with the respective color.


The game music was made using LMMS and the sound effects are all mouth’ sounds recorded with zenfone 3.

Game Theme

Player shot

Enemy shot

Power dust pick up


Game Art

The art of the game was made entirely pixel art using Aseprite.





Old sprites

(i first made the game with these sprites, but i did not like the result, so i changed the art.)


Old sprites videos

Play it now!

Original LDJAM version

Post LDJAM version

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