War Mech Defense – AR


War Mech Defense, was the first defense game that i created. I’m proudly happy with the effort that i put on this game.
The idea of the published game was to create a game that could be used as a means of reflecting my skills with augmented reality and games as one.

About the game

The game consists in defend your turret from the waves of droid that comes to destroy it. You should use your phone’s camera to aim at the droids and the turret shot at them.

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There are several upgrades to the turret itself: bullet damage, shot speed and number of cannons. For each level of the upgrade there is a aditional cost for next upgrade at a maximum of 10 levels of damage and 5 of speed and cannons.

Power Ups

Every droid you destroy has a chance to drop a life tank, that adds +1 to your lives. Note that you must aim to them to acctually get them.

Besides turret’s bullets, there are another power, the shockwave. The shockwave is a energy blast that goes around the turret, it has a energy bar that is filled for each droid you destroy by shot. When the energy bar is full, you can unleash the shockwave and destroy every droid around the turret, it can be used as a last resource for dangerous situations.

New versions

At december the christmas version was released with new 3d models for the date.

Gameplay video

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